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Animal Rescue In Charleston, WV

Dream Away Cat Rescue came about through a group effort to make a positive change for cats of the community and the people who care about them. Working closely with caretakers to ensure cats are well and not adding to the pet overpopulation problem we are currently addressing.

It Takes A Village...

...Of like minded people to raise one kitten and her mom, and her caretaker...

Like-wise it takes people who are good with assessing a need, organizing a rescue, raising funds, documenting for record, handling of animals and people and of course the people who share and donate the fundraisers that pays for the meds, the vets, the surgeries, food, litter and fuel to transport. 

Rescue work isn't done by one person and it isn't perfect every time but it is always a work in progress to make life better for as many cats as possible. 

They All Matter

To our volunteers that put in their time, energy, love, and own money to help the cats Dream Away Cat Rescue helps on a daily basis. From the orphaned kitten that has to be bottle fed 24/7 to the geriartic kitty who can't move so well - they all matter and deserve the same amount of care and consideration.


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